Model Sculpting Progress – Details and Face

I had a look at an article about the process of somebody sculpting a character in blender, which was helpful to see the workflow and get a general feel and idea for how to go about things, and in what order.

I had a go at trying to sculpt out the face of the model, and I decided I definitely wanted to go with the more cute look with the big eyes.


Then I decided to join and remesh the body, so I could try and make it more comprehensive and smooth, instead of blocky and obviously different parts.

I then continued with the details on the face, adding a flat surface for the eyes and pupils. I also used a cube and extended it along the outside of the eyes, to create stylised eyelashes, as I had no real clue how else to do this part.

This is the video I watched on how this person did their eyelashes, as I was desperately trying to figure out how to do them.

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