April 15 2022

Work-Load Split up explanation

Due to me being incredibly behind on everything, my group had decided to put me more on the animating and rendering side of the short production, as I was still working on my character model at this time, and they wanted to start making the assets. I was adamant that I would be able to make a few, which it turns out I would’ve been able to as I finished my model pretty quickly but I was happy enough with this as long as I was able to help more with the other parts as I didn’t want to leave all of the work on them.

Also because our entire group was a little behind, we had needed the pre-vis and animatic done for the second presentation, so that had been when I agreed to take on the animatic and Charley would do the Pre-vis for the presentation.

I suppose I’ll throw the animatic in here again along with the quick pre-vis Charley had made up for the presentation.

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