Introduction to Blender

For the homework tasks for the first week, we were asked to try sculpting some different fruits. Setting up my drawing tablet at home to use with blender was definitely a good idea, as I much prefer using it.


I am actually really happy with this apple, it looks really good in my opinion! I didn’t experiment too much with the brushes though, it was mostly just the grab, smooth and draw tools. It’s not perfect but it’s certainly not awful.


I am less happy with the pear but I don’t hate it! I was really trying to add extra details on this one, like the strange crease some pears have and the imperfections of fruits. Not too much experimenting with this one either, though I did use some of the other brushes like the inflate and draw sharp tool.

I also modelled the leaf using the modelling part of blender, kind of like how I do it in Maya with a plane and subdivisions and moving around vertices, etc. Though I also sculpted it a little afterwards to move it around easily to form an interesting shape. The video I watched on how to do the modelling is under all of this.

Bell Pepper

I don’t like the bell pepper very much at all compared to the other two. Though it was a good practice task as I decided to try and experiment with modelling it in a different way than I did the first two. I used basically most of the brushes to try and build up the different sections of the pepper and get the creases in between sections too. I don’t know how successful I was in doing that but I tried haha. I think the draw sharp and pinch tools worked the best for that, though maybe there are better ways.

I definitely should have stuck with the way I did the last two though.




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