March 8 2022

Staff Model Progress – Finishing Touches & UV mapping

Dreamcatcher/Crystal Ropes

The crystal needed to be held up by something, not just floating in the middle of the dreamcatcher so I modelled the ropes drawn into the design. Using the curves and loop process again.


I decided to change from the original design, as I felt the poker chip was a little out of place and needed something else to tie it in again, so I changed the dangling charms into cards!

Just cubes made thin and long and then bevelled at the edges.

Finished Model

UV Map

As far as I’m aware, UV maps are preferred to be all together in one square if it’s one asset or prop. So like a staff would be one, and a chair would be one. So a scene with lots of assets would have more squares used. So I put all my UV maps into one square. I could be completely wrong on this but it’s done now.

This video helped me understand what the issues with non-manifold geometry were, and what causes them, so I could fix them in my model as I couldn’t unwrap parts of my model due to this issue.


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