Flour Sack

I decided to put all of the flour sack related work in one post, instead of it being spread out.

We had to make an animation of a flour sack, so before going straight into this, I decided to sketch a few quick flour sacks to try and get a good understanding of it’s ‘anatomy’.


This week’s lecture was about storyboards, as we were beginning to layout our animatics in storyboard form. We were given a storyboard format, with the script filled out, and we had to create the visual part. I enjoyed this exercise, as I felt I could work a little roughly and leave some loose lines which I felt added more personality.

I liked trying to come up with the visuals to a scene, although I definitely struggled with perspective when trying to add more details to the background, like the table beside the cauldron. It’s especially noticeable in the second scene. I need to practice with perspective some more to improve my drawings. I also think I’m still struggling with the values, the tones are too similar a lot of the time, although it had definitely improved.

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