Animated Narratives – Assignment 2, Reflection

I enjoyed this module a lot and I feel like I learned a lot in terms of 3D as I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about 3D animation or using Maya to animate before we started this module. It was interesting working in a group in terms of animating in 3D and it was definitely a learning experience. I think we all worked relatively well together despite a 5th member being added a week into the assignment and I think we effectively integrated them into our animation idea pretty well. This module really opened my eyes to all the different aspects of 3D animation and everything that goes into creating one.

In terms of my first year on this course, I’ve really enjoyed my time being on the course and is different to the small insight I got at the end of my foundation course last year but different in good ways. Its been interesting learning both the practical and theory sides of animation and I’ve definitely learned a lot throughout this year. I’ve met a lot of cool people while being in class and I appreciate that the lecturers have been really easy to talk to and that they were more than happy to help when they had a moment. The classes were easy to understand and conveyed in an enjoyable way and I look forward to second year.

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