3D Digital Literacy – Week 7, Blender Practice

For our seventh week of class, we were given some fruits to use as practice to get used to the tools within Blender, the new 3D software we will be using for our second assignment.


The first image is reference image we were given of a pear to use for practice and the second image is my attempt at modelling it. For a first proper attempt at modelling within Blender, I think it turned out pretty well. I found it relatively easy to do and I enjoyed modelling. I tried to keep it as accurate to the image we were given as possible and I think I managed to do so pretty well. I’m proud of how my pear turned out.

Bell Pepper:

The second object we were to model was a bell pepper. The first image is the reference image we were given to use while the second image is my attempt at modelling it. I think my model turned out well but I feel like I could have tried to bend the stem a bit more. Apart from that, I think my bell pepper turned out pretty well for my second attempt at modelling in Blender.

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