3D Digital Literacy – Living Well development

For our 3D model assignment, I chose to model an old well and went with the concept of a living well as I thought it would be an interesting take on a well.

Concept art:

This was my drawn up concept of my well so I would have a visual reference while I was modelling. I think the colours work well together and I think it was complicated enough while staying within my capability as I don’t have a lot of experience of 3D modelling. I also think it is a pretty unique take on an old well that would stand out from previous attempts.


Throughout the modelling process of my well, I almost always had my reference that I had drawn in the background so that I could make sure it was as accurate as possible to what I had drawn. I found making it relatively easy to do, I had minor to no issues with modelling it. After my one on one session with Henry about my model, I added some bushes, a bucket and a football to add more of a story/personality to my model.


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