Contextual Research – Innovation

For our third class of contextual research, we were asked to do some research into the theme of innovation. A simple way to define innovation is that it is the development, creation and implementation of a new product with the objective of improving efficiency, competitive advantage or effectiveness.(1)


One of many innovations within the animation industry is AR or augmented reality. Augmented reality is a form of technology that allows people to be able to overlap real life scenes with digital content, i.e. sounds, text or images. AR apps typically rely on the users camera to be turned on in order to augment the world through their screen.(3)

An example of augmented reality is the app Pokémon GO. The photo above is a screenshot from the apps trailer, showing the user augmenting the world in front of them with a pokémon. The app allows you to become a real life pokémon trainer, using the users camera and location to augment the world with all kinds of pokémon and allowing the user to use the apps mechanics to catch said pokémon.

This video challenged my thinking on innovation as it touched on points that I wouldn’t have thought would need to be considered in order to become a successful innovator. It was interesting to listen to and I learnt some new things from it.(4)


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