Contextual Research – Sustainability

For our first class of contextual research, we were asked to find a postcard or image that related to the word sustainability. I chose a postcard that was sent to us by some family over in England:

This postcard relates to the idea of sustainability because it wasn’t manufactured and bought, it was handmade by my uncle’s girlfriend using a piece of cardboard, a photo and a printed and coloured in drawing. It could possibly relate to animation, which is my discipline, as well as the horse drawing on the front half of the postcard could possibly be a character design that was made/created by my uncle’s girlfriend.

One thought on “Contextual Research – Sustainability

  1. Really interesting and personal choice here Jack, to illustrate an approach to using materials to hand or available. The choice of a photograph superimposed with a drawn image, indeed the multiple use of techniques (2D and 3D) & processes in animation has been done and could be an interesting aspect to look into??

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