VIC 107 Week 3 – Brand Moodboard and Overview

Minga London

Minga London is the go-to online brand for aesthetic, vintage-inspired clothes, grunge fashion and tumblr outfits, they have recently risen in popularity within the past 2 years with the rise of sustainable and ‘e-girl’ fashion. On their website they state, ‘Minga London makes unique vintage-inspired clothes for babes with bold taste, big dreams and tons of talent. If ur bored of basic designs, come be part of our colourful community. All weirdos r welcome.’ A very down-to earth and trendy statement to make which fits in well with the playful tone of their clothing.

They began making clothing back in 2014, selling t-shirts that they dyed in their bathtub at markets across London, rising in popularity on sights like ebay. Due to demand and plagiarism they then created their brand website in 2016 and they haven’t looked back since.

As well as their website they keep very active profiles on Instagram and facebook, to promote their clothing they do use targeted ads as well as using Instagram Models to take pictures in their clothing that fit the indie-alternative look they’re reaching to. They predominantly do this on their Instagram feed and also do features of model pictures on their website, which is a good move as Instagram has become a lot more product foussed with their new update, changing the like option to a shopping search icon. On each post they also use instagram’s feature to tag the product which allows browsers to quickly get access to the exact product. I even noticed today that they were asking questions to their customers on their instagram stories and giving responses which gives the brand such a personal and loving touch.

I see Minga London as a clothing brand that my inner child is obsessed with, it’s so bold and playful which is something they carry through well across all of their brading platforms, they keep the typography simple, which I like as it doesn’t take away from their beautiful products. To me Minga just seems like a joy to work for, through their transparency of their ethics as well as the personality they have on Instagram both with their aesthetic and personal posts.


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