My findings (sustainability)

My findings


When researching sustainability I’ve discovered many organisations that are doing their best to save the planet and provide a more sustainable way of life for us, to save the planet. One company in particular called “Greenpeace” caught my eye with their animation called “Theres a monster in my kitchen”. This animation displays a young boy coming downstairs late at night to grab some snacks from the kitchen. He find out that there is a big terrifying leopard in his kitchen also, he fears this leopard is going to eat him. As the leopard approaches the boy we see the leopard is scared and the narrator speaking for the leopard says “help.. there’s a monster in my home” and then continues to explain that the large fast farming and factory companies are tearing down the forest to build their machines. The young boy after hearing the leopards plea then decides to move to a more sustainable food source such as swapping meat tofu or vegetables. He campaigns that he will encourage others to fight for the forests to keep them safe and partake in protests for the cause. In the end the leopard has become friends with the boy and they understand the importance of a sustainable future. This short animation has displayed that sustainability is the way to a brighter and longer future.




Denim challenge

I’ve decided to create a Denim Backpack for my little sister. Originally my plan was to create a shoulder bag for an adult but my little sister saw me making it and had fallen in love so I had to give it little backpack straps!

The finished product is very cute and I feel like it suits the challenge 💜


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