LOGO design

My logo is for a coffee shop called “sweetheart coffee” the live heart up top is a nod to the “sweetheart” in the name and the coffee cup within the circle is for the coffee part of the café.

I chose not to add the name and lettering of “sweetheart café because I felt like the message of coffee is clear within the logo from the shapes and the colours.

AAD011- communication


In this task we have been asked to assess and analyse logos of a particular brand or company. I chose the brand and logo for the Tour de France. This logo may just seem like the phrase Tour de France but upon closer inspection we can see that the logo is built up of shapes that when put together reveal a cyclist.

From this we can see that if someone had no clue what the Tour de France was they would at least pick up on the idea that it was about cycling.

The choice of the yellow circle as the wheel of the cyclist makes it very easy to point out this small detail.The white lettering and bold against the black background makes this font stand out even more than it already does. The font is bulky and rustic no soft bubble writing although there are some areas of the writing that are curvy and this variety really creates an interesting look and feel to the motion of the text. The flow of the text never really comes to a stop it forces the eye to follow the letters and find the small image hidden within the text.

AAD011- identity

What is it? who does it belong to? how do we associate identity with art. Many artists will project aspects of themselves into their art in order for the audience to learn about them or to bring awareness and education. For example some artists will use the theme of identity in many different ways , some will use it to explore social identity, such as gender sexuality race nationality and heritage. Some other brands/artists will use this as a way to convey a message about their product.
Identity is very important for a brand or artist, by having an identity better yet a recognisable identity a brand can be known world wide by just a symbol. For example Apple, Apple have had the same logo since they started there technological uprise. Small silver Apple with a bite taken out of it. Simple and easy to recognise they are now world renowned and this logo is immediately recognised by everyone.
In another way identity can be used by an artist to have their work recognised in the style that they work for example an artist may paint a certain way or use a certain colour palette which is recognisable by the public. Sometimes the way they put their work together is also recognisable certain small features may be different and this may identify who this artist is or what their style is, this could also be called an identity.


Innovation: In terms of animation,

Prior to the call this morning I had watched a video an animation.Since this is the specification that I do wish to go into and pursue a future career in I thought this would be the perfect video for me to watch surrounding innovation.While watching this video I found it rather interesting because of the many facts that they have shared about how the animation industry has come up throughout the years. I discovered some interesting things throughout this video such as the time such as the time and effort that goes into every stop motion animation and how many hours of work go into them.


Similarly I found out that the use of GCI (specifically the rendering of a human face) was really only came around in the 1990’s. The movie  was created and this seemed to be the start of CGI exclusively being used in film.While watching this video I was fascinated with the fact that the two mediums work so well together. Even though the industry started with stop motion dating back to 1879 to 1898 in the first short that was created called “The Humpty Dumpty circus”, It still hasn’t stopped today becoming extremely popular with Tim Burton and the creators of Wallace and Gromit (Aardman Animations). Understanding the long and particular time consuming process of stop motion creates a certain kind of charm behind a movie. CGI however has totally opened new doors in the world of animation that possibly could never have happened with the likes of claymation or stop motion. There is a mention within one of the videos, a quote from a director of Wallace and Gromit he says “there are somethings that simply cannot be created with the likes of claymation such as smoke fire and sometimes water.” Which is very true CGI helps these things to feel more real. But then again if we make things feel too real then sometimes they don’t have the same fantasy feel as say a Tim Burton movie where every character is somewhat human but also strange and whimsical creating these wonderful lands and backdrops that are somewhat familiar but then continued to play with imagination.





During the process of creating my final animation I referred back to the 12 principles of animation and what they mean. Putting these into an animation can make things more lively and interesting. This is why I referred to the research I had done previously.

Final Animation



In my animation a persona life is always portrayed in black and white not really having much else to do other than be In front of something like a laptop or a television screen. But as soon as they discover Ulster University,  colour seeps back into their life and takes over. They run to the window and they’re finally able to see the sun, grass, sky and the obnoxiously pink curtains they’ve decided to buy…

this task was a little more difficult to finish as i found it hard to make the last few tweaks or find it hard to make things smoother but i hope ill learn about this more in my first year in animation!

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