Critique/Presentation Week 12

This week we had another critique session of each of our projects up until this point. These critiques are useful in getting feedback and opinions from others, allowing me to make changes and improvements to my design. The first screen showed my brand. After some feedback that the name should be changed from Hydro Homie…Continue Reading Critique/Presentation Week 12

Peer Feedback

Wanting to improve my site and getting a better feel of how others would experience it, I asked some people on my course for feedback on my final site. This is the feedback Stephin shared with me.     “The website has a good flow to it. Probably the best part of the whole site…Continue Reading Peer Feedback

Creating a parallax animation – Webflow

For the homepage of my immersive Apollo 11 site, I wanted to create a parallax animation that I had emulated in Figma. This would be a parallax animation that would play when the user scrolls down the page – of the moon surface with the moon rocks in the foreground and the title ‘Apollo 11’…Continue Reading Creating a parallax animation – Webflow

Creating a Lottie Animation – Webflow

After creating a hover animation for the Crew section of my site, where the user can hover over images of Neil Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins to ‘bring them to life’ – I wanted to include more animations within my site. So I researched if Webflow had any built in animation capabilities. I discovered Lottie animations…Continue Reading Creating a Lottie Animation – Webflow

Creating a hover animation – Webflow

In order to create an immersive experience for the user, I knew that it was important to include some interactive animations in the final site. Animations, whether they are complex or simple, can make the user’s experience more engaging and visually interesting, and that’s something I want to achieve in this project. For my ‘Crew’…Continue Reading Creating a hover animation – Webflow