Space and Place

Image 1-3:
MACE: Easily legible white font on blue background so the consumer can establish what it is from far away, making them more likely to enter the store.
SEPHS: Grreen font to match the colour of the green takeaway but uses two different fonts to make the message stand out, and also uses a fun text to entice the customer in.
BOOTLEGGERS: Welcoming font along with a bright LED light to ensure it apeals to the locals who maybe want to try something new and exciting

Image 4:
Wayfinding and directional signs at Queens, easy legible as easy to read white text on a dark grey background, with the same dark red colours which symbolise queens on the directional arrows. this ensures new students at queens are able to find their way about easily, while maintaning the red and white theme of the university itself.

Image 5:
Posters/stickers. Bright yellow and black to attract the attention of people walking by and in a bold font to emphasise NOT to do something eg litter

Image 6-7:
Regulatory signs. The red and white indicate do not do and in this case it means no U turns, hence the red colour. The blue on the other hand sends a positive message and to keep in a certain direction, hence the cool blue colour.

Image 8-9:
Graffiti/Murals. The first tunnel has lots of graffiti with lots of different messages and colours throughout. This has been done to put an artistic and colourful approach to an otherwise unwelcoming and rather creepy tunnel. The lady graffiti is just outside the Buillit Inn, this has been chosen due to its welcoming and almost classy aura, similar to the Buillit itself.

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