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Mac Millar album – Swimming
This is one of Mac Millers final album before his tragic passing, and in my opinion the album itself portrays a lot about how Mac was feeling at the time. The album name itself, “Swimming” shows that he is trying to navigate his way through life, but there is no escape and he can feel himself drowning. There is no font on this album cover which I think shows how was feeling at the time, as there is no words left to describe how he is feeling he has been completley swamped and trapped in the industry which he is in. The colours used in this album, are a combination of all his previous album covers, especially the pink suit which Mac is wearing, derived from the Divine Feminine Album, which featured Ariana Grande. They sadly broke up, which many feel led to the detrimental effect on Mac’s mental health, which is why he is wearing the pink suit. In this cover art, Mac has a depressed and almost lost expression, with closed eyes. To me, this emphasies a tired and almost given up expression on Mac’s face as through he knows the end us coming for him. Even the brown box which Mac finds himself sitting opposite, almost represents a coffin, aswell as the bare feet which is the universal symbol of death. This along with the overall solemn and sad tone of the album, emphasises that Mac was screaming for help, but no one could do anything as he was already gone in his own mind. The album cover is one of the most defining covers, as not long after Mac passed away.

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