Brand Audit – Nike

The brand Nike, is aiming to appeal to an audience of athletes, while maintaining the same concept for over 50 years with the simplistic swoosh logo. They have since removed the word “Nike” from the logo entirely, instead developing it with just the swoosh. The swoosh itself has become a widely recognised symbol, straightforward to the audience, and therefore people of all languages, cultures and places of the world recognise it. The simplistic black and white (positive and negative) colours, compliment each other very well and make it really stand out.

Nike is a brand which is endorsed by the biggest athletes in the world, this along with the slogan “Just do it”, emphasis’s their directness and motivational purposes, to appeal to the audience, to get out and be productive, and feel as though they are being personally addressed. Nike is derived from the Greek Goddess of victory, further emphasisng its aim to promote athletes and all round fitness.

Nike is portraying a positive symbol and message by having the swoosh alone as its brand. Everyone recognises a tick as positive as from a young age, anything you get right on a test is marked with a tick. This symbolises accomplishment and the consumer feels as though they have achieved great things by wearing anything Nike branded. This is a lifestyle brand that can be worn by anyone of any age group, primarily targeting fitness and sports.

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