Year: 2020


Iconography VIC 107 Photos/Camera roll iPhone. The function of this icon is to hold the photos taken on your iPhone, hence this is why I think apple have chosen the primary and secondary colour wheel for this icon, to capture all the colours in the world. The structure of this icon is in a circle…Continue Reading Iconography

Brand Audit – Nike

The brand Nike, is aiming to appeal to an audience of athletes, while maintaining the same concept for over 50 years with the simplistic swoosh logo. They have since removed the word “Nike” from the logo entirely, instead developing it with just the swoosh. The swoosh itself has become a widely recognised symbol, straightforward to…Continue Reading Brand Audit – Nike

Music blog

Mac Millar album – Swimming This is one of Mac Millers final album before his tragic passing, and in my opinion the album itself portrays a lot about how Mac was feeling at the time. The album name itself, “Swimming” shows that he is trying to navigate his way through life, but there is no…Continue Reading Music blog