Product Design – Foutaises product

Originally, I had developed my product the ‘Fire-Bag’ which was aimed at warming/drying clothes in a rucksack style bag, that as well as having an adaptor to charge its battery, was covered in solar panels for a secondary source of power. I practised 2 point perspective drawing for the first time too.


After some discussion with my lecturers after sharing my other ideas to the class, I decided that although not quite as sustainable as the bag, I would develop my dictaphone style device called ‘The Pin’. Below is the original rough sketch of this device (a) and another portable Teasmade style device called ‘Besttea’ (b)

(a).         (b)

Below is my final chosen product, ‘The Pin’. It functions somewhat like a dictaphone in that it records your voice, however it is wearable on your clothing using a magnet/pin. It has 2 functions/modes. Its first mode works exactly like a dictaphone. The second mode, continuously records audio, constantly deleting everything except the last 1-3 minutes of audio depending on your settings. See my presentation for more information on this device.