Product Design

Paper folding: After finding what I thought was a fairly straight forward pattern to work with, I practised by drawing the pattern on to an A3 piece of graphic paper and using this as a guide to fold a blank sheet of A3 cartridge paper, folding each direction individually. After many attempts later, I was left with this shape on the right and below.


I tried to attach each end in an attempt to make some sort of geometric ball but it didn’t reach. I was however, able to fit the semi-ball over a lightbulb as a sort of beta test.


I was happy with the style and look of the shape and paper however I needed to make it longer in order to reach round. As we were required to make 6 squares at least, I stuck 6 A4 pieces of paper together to create the purple and white pieces below then folded the remaining 3 pieces into the same shape as before, shown below.


After sticking all 3 pieces together, I was left with this stylish geometric lampshade.


I used an old broken lamp to shine light through the paper however it wasn’t quite as bright as I was aiming for and the purple paper was a little too thick. I was happy with the overall result though: