Mood Board

I am a big fan of earthy textures and colours which I have represented here. Although I am a vegan, I also believe in recycling and reusing clothes and love the textures of wool and leather. The board also conveys my emotions as we move into the autumn months, resulting in a dull but warm palette of colours, I included the dying Agave leaf, because green is my favourite colours and usually makes an appearance in my wardrobe, the browning of the leaf also matches the theme..  Also featured are traditional patterns like plaid and houndstooth as well as another custom design which have stood the test of time and I am a big fan of these. The colours do vary but I think the general feel of the images work well together.

Arranged clothing photographs

I enjoyed arranging these clothes and incorporating this old stepladder and wardrobe that I recently acquired. Unfortunately, my house is not a photo studio and I had to work with glaring lights and contrasting/messy backgrounds but I feel like I achieved the task with some good results. I especially liked using the mirror to create the ‘Rorschach test’ style photos. This is something I will be experimenting with in the future.



.   .   .  


Mixed media

(to follow)


I didn’t have much around the house to weave with but with the help of a glue gun I was able to weave an old pizza box to begin with. As always I decided to ‘have a go’ without following much instruction and found that using only strips of cardboard instead of cutting slits in a base, as I have done in the next piece, made it much harder.

Here, I had to glue one set of strips to a top and bottom piece to make it easier to weave and keep a neater pattern. The pink is slightly out of sorts with my mood board however I liked the greys and needed something sturdy to start off with.



I was happy with the end result.

For the second attempt I googles paper weaving for more ideas on how to do it and came cross the method shown below. This saved time and materials with a similar end result however I am curious as to wether this would have even worked with the thicker corrugated cardboard from the pizza box.

.   .  

Next I came across this method below, however I was unsuccessful at first when trying to loop the string around the support on one side of the loom to make tidying the piece up easier at the end however I was still impressed with the result and like this simple striped pattern made up of different types of thread.


Finally, I decided to experiment with twigs/sticks as I had come across something similar however I unfortunately cannot remember where from, to provide a reference. I used the loom and method from the previous weave with a combination of some sort of vine plant and wooden kebab skewers.


Denim challenge

I got quite excited about this challenge and raced ahead without taking too many pictures, even forgetting to capture the original garment. I have provided the best photograph I could find of me wearing them which gives a good idea of what I was working with. It was actually quite a stretchy denim as they are trousers used for rock climbing.

Following some video tutorials on google and some of my own intuition, I turned these jeans into a ‘bucket hat’ featuring a zip on the side panel and a two tone denim look.


I measured the circumference of my head with string then created a number of templates for the top circle of fabric, the inner rim and the outer rim.

I was extremely happy with the result, however I do feel like I need to alter it slightly because it is baggy for my head.