Fine Art – 3D/Sculpture


This is piece is called Roots and combines the imagery of a globe and tree roots. The sculpture will be cast from bronze, raising the countries on the globe slightly, to make them more visible, and using real tree roots for the casting of the support structure, for an authentic and organic look. The majority of the sculpture will be finished with a dark patina, however the countries will be highly polished for a gold finish. The structure will stand 9ft tall. There will be an opening in the roots and the bottom of the goobe to allow passers-by to stick their head into it. There will be no instructions or signage, but the hole will attract people purely through their own curiosity. Inside, the globe will be lined with 360 degree screens that display 360 images taken from across the globe, with a theme of community and natural beauty. The idea is that people will see other people from all over the world, doing the same things that they do. It will also educate people about other cultures in a purely visual way. These screens will be protected by thick secure plexi-glass to protect the screens from criminal damage. It would also be worth considering some sort of voice recognition application, to further improve interactivity.


Collage and maquette to further explore this idea.

I placed the maquette just off centre of the park to create a sort of centre focus as opposed to the existing statue near the road. This circle of concrete is perfect for placement and would match well with the circular/spherical nature of the sculpture. It is also far enough away, that people will want to go closer to see what it is.