Fine Art – 2D

Fine Art:


Firstly, I arranged these inanimate objects to create a subject as my reference. I then sketched the subject using charcoal a number of times to get different aspects. Using a camera I selected a portion of the subject that I felt had a nice depth of colour and tone. I also like how the keypad device draws the eye towards the golden cup full of bright colour, showing off a spectrum of yellow through to black.

I wanted to try to recreate the exact same piece with almost as opposite a colour palette as possible. I did not sketch anything on this paper and painted them free-hand as a sort of experiment.

I then decided to further this experiment by splicing the two images together to reveal how accurate they actually were, without any guidelines. I was actually shocked at how some of the points seem to meet almost perfectly. I like the end result and am happy how they turned out given that I am not too familiar with painting.