3D Digital Literacy Weeks 7-12: Exercises

Blocking and sculpting in Blender

To get used to the drawing tools, we played with sculpting an elephant in class.

We also sculpted an apple and pear which introduced using image planes as a means of reference. Having one on front view and one on side view proved highly useful in moulding the fruit in a realistic manner.

The experience really enabled me to become better at modelling from nothing and creating something substantial and effective.


In Week 1o, we had a tutorial on retopology which I actually found to be a highly enjoyable challenge. Avoiding triangles was tricky but finding innovative ways to get around them was quite enjoyable.

It was also key to continuously be making loops when drawing the quadrants as this sets you up well for UV mapping later down the line as you’re able to simply double click the Edges and cut.

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