Bringing My Helmet into Substance

Colour Digs in Substance

Below are some different experiments with colour in Substance – I thought the black with the defining hue contrasting was striking and representative of sci-fi genres and design languages I was inspired by. I also tried a metallic option to see what my helmet design would look like when reflective.

In Substance, I decided that the connector between the two breathing tubes actually took away from the design and made it overly dense, so I went back into Maya and removed this.

When texturing, I noticed not all UVs were properly being filled. I worked on a solution to this and brought it back in to Substance (more here:

A final step in my Substance workflow was adding masks, including Edge Rust and Dirt on the object to provide a battle-worn, relic feel to the object as well as a mirror-like Glass surface to the visor to make it more convincingly practical (ie that it can be seen out of).

The result was successful and can be seen in my outcome on Sketchfab or on my Portfolio Page:

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