Research/Concepts Workflow | Assignment 1

I have decided I am going to do design a build a sci-fi helmet. I have begun compiling inspiration on this Pinterest board:

I am particularly inspired by concept designer Ralph McQuarrie (Star Wars) and his approach to helmet/prop design. There is a modern, futuristic and minimal feel whilst also being complex and deliberate. His initial concept for the stormtrooper is captivating through its use of layers and the stark black-and-white colour palette. I believe this belongs fittingly to the sci-fi genre and I would like my helmet to be in a similar style to this. Within the same universe, the Jony Ive-inspired First Order helmet is super compelling to me due to its complex – yet simple to look at – curvature. The way the back folds is modernist and minimal, and I intend my design to fall within this style.

Taking inspiration from McQuarrie’s workflow, I began sketching out initial ideas for what my helmet could look like. I felt that my helmet should be simplistic in function, with a goggles/visors/viewpoints, breathing apparatus and an organic curvature that fits fluidly around the head. The curvature of the helmet base could be risky as UV mapping will require my poly-divisions to be carefully thought out and not on top of each other. I will bare this in mind when modelling.




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