Images can add visual appeal or contain teaching information. For those that are simply decorative add an empty ‘alt’ tag. For those that contain detailed content you must provide a description or alternative for students, this could be a narration or a brief written outline.

It is now easy to enter alt text for the majority of platforms from Microsoft to social media to Blackboard Learn. The trickier bit is how best to write it. Whenever you are considering what to write think about the meaning you are wishing to convey to the audience rather than a literal description of the image content.

Creative Commons Zero banks

CC0 means that you can use the images without crediting or attributing the author, and also means that you can crop, recolour, edit etc. – photographs and vector images – photographs – photographs

Vector icons: – open source illustrations

Mixed Creative Commons banks

These resources have different types of CC licences and you may need to give attribution to the author, you may not be allowed to change the image in any way.

Creative Commons Search:

Flickr Search:

Overview of the different Creative Commons Licenses