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Please bear the following guidelines and terms of use in mind when contributing to this blog, whether authoring, or commenting on, a post.

Blogging and Commenting guidelines:

Responsibility: Bloggers and Commenters alike are personally responsible for the content they publish online.

Clarity: Make your point succinctly using ‘plain English’ to avoid potential misunderstanding.

Evidence: Where appropriate, reference any facts or statements used and where possible, provide links to sources. Distinguish clearly between fact and opinion and ensure that all posts/comments are factually correct.

Quoting: When quoting from another source keep the excerpt short and use ‘quotes’ and italics formatting to ensure the quotes are clearly identifiable consistently throughout the blog.

Participate: Take responsibility for your blog posts/comments and respond to any subsequent conversations. Always try to add value to the topic you are posting/commenting on; rather than just agreeing or disagreeing with what is already there perhaps try to provide new information, perspective, or expertise.

Reflect: Take the time to read and reflect on others’ posts and comments; never respond hastily.

Acknowledge: Recognise the contributions of others in a positive and constructive manner. Be prepared to consider the view of others, even if you do not agree with them.

Tone: A warm, open and approachable tone is encouraged at all times.

Respect: Be respectful of, and to, others at all times. Should differences of opinion arise, air them in an appropriate professional manner.

Type: To type in CAPITALS is equivalent to SHOUTING at someone, it is not considered polite … nor is the use of too many exclamation marks !!!

Non-verbal communication: Remember that the non-verbal element of communication is missing from online communication methods, so be very careful how you word posts/comments and always re-read before you publish; it is much easier to cause offence in online communication.

Report: Any disruptive or abusive behaviour should be reported immediately to the moderator at

Errors: If you make an error, be upfront about it and take prompt action to rectify it; if a post or comment needs to be modified after publishing, make this clear in the revised version.

Privacy: Protect yours, and others, privacy; do not publish personal details on the blog.

Terms of Use:

We welcome considered comment from interested parties provided contributions adhere to the blogging and commenting guidelines, as listed above.

We reserve the right to remove comments which we feel are inappropriate or offensive.

Inappropriate comments include those which are:

Abusive; defamatory; harmful; libellous; obscene; profane; racially offensive; sexually offensive; threatening; unlawful; spam; irrelevant; disruptive; bullying; harassing; intimidating

regardless of whether such comments be directed towards an organisation or an individual.

Please note that we do not consider this list to necessarily be exhaustive.

If you wish to report content you feel is in breach of our terms, please do so to the site moderator at

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