Research Consortium on Education and Peacebuilding – Summer 2015 Update

The Research Consortium on Education and Peacebuilding is delighted to share our Summer 2015 update containing a new Literature Review from the University of Amsterdam team of the Consortium which aims to provide insights into youth agency and the dynamics of conflict and peace in conflict-affected contexts, and a paper presenting the theoretical and analytic framework for the Research Consortium. It begins by synthesising findings from earlier work that challenged the contemporary and dominant ‘security-first’ and ‘Liberal Peace’ model of peacebuilding, outlines the role and potential of education to contribute to a more sustainable peacebuilding model and provides the foundations for a better understanding of key theoretical, methodological and policy challenges in this complex area.

The Research Consortium, a partnership between UNICEF and the University of Amsterdam, the University of Sussex, Ulster University and in-country partners, addresses one of the Peacebuilding, Education and Advocacy Programme (PBEA) key objectives – ‘contributing to the generation and use of evidence and knowledge in policies and programming related to education, conflict and peacebuilding’.

You can access the update in full at

About Us

The Research Consortium on Education and Peacebuilding is a partnership which aims to contribute to research, policy and practice relating to education and peacebuilding across three themes:

1. The integration of peacebuilding into education (and vice versa)
2. The role of teachers in peacebuilding
3. The role of formal and non-formal peacebuilding initiatives focusing on youth.


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