Google Trends

I looked up specific words using Google trends to see what was popular and what was not so popular. Here is my results. These are the type of words I’ll consider using in my portfolio site.

Ux design started off so well. It’s constantly up and down. It has recently fell in popularity.

Interaction design trend is like a rollercoster.

App design has struggled to pick up in the last few months.

Web design started off high and has gradually fallen.


Designing with Content- Week 1 Intro

This Week was our first lecture in person post covid. So it was the first time meeting our class. Today Kyle Introduced us to our new module and give us a brief summary of what we can expect to cover in the next couple of weeks to come. The first part of this module mainly focuses on our portfolio site and content strategy. This unit is really all about self-promotion. We looked at examples of different designers portfolio sites for inspiration. We looked at Push VS Pull Content, Content Design and how that its about words and vocabulary but also about how content is presented to the user so that it is easy to use, meets there need and is trustworthy. We will also look at responsive work flows, Discovery, Plan, Text Design, Sketch, Visual Design, Build, Test and Discuss.

This week I have to create a Content Audit, look at other portfolios for inspiration, research and Discovery – Google Trends etc, create a Site Map and Start to write up content for my website.