Week 2 Pocket Profile- Wim Crouwel

Williem Hendrik Crouwel commonly or Wim Crouwel as known was born in November 1928 in Groningen Netherlands and died in 2019 which lived til he was 90 years of age. He was a Dutch graphic designer, typer designer and typographer. He studied Fine Arts for 3 years at Academie Minerva in Groningen. He started his career as abstract painter. He later went into Typography and graphic designer which was his real passion.

He famously designed the New Alphabet and Gridnik typefaces. He was famous for this designs. He didn’t just design, he was also a teacher in serveral schools and ulsterities which helped him gain vaueable experience.

He has won many Awards across Europe for this contribution to his field of work. Frist prize was in 1958 and last coming in 2019 before his death.

Uitreiking Willem Grollenbergprijs door E.G. Stijkel (voorziter Kamer van Koophandel) aan prof. Wim Crouwel (links)
*23 november 1976

Gridnik and New Alphabet typefaces

Social Bio

I asked to write a short Bio describing myself which can be used across my social media platforms.

“Hey I’m Sean Downey, an Ulster Uni student from Newry studying Interaction Design. I’m always up for an adventure and have a passion for the great outdoors.”

Week 2- Geometric Shapes

During Monday’s class we were given a task to design our first name through the use of Geometric shapes. This could be circles, squares or triangles, etc. Here are examples of my designs that came up with. These both were designed using figma.

Recommending a product

Fancy spending your whole weekend watching new releases and some of favourite classic movies and Tv shows. This is the streaming service for you. It has everything you can ask for and more. From crime thrillers to science fiction, etc. It allows up to 4 people to use.

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For 4 words to describe it.

Fun, Enterainment, user friendly, easily accessible


Describe a specific product- IXD103

Task 1

I am a small, thin portable device with a protected cover. It is easy accessible. My main feature is a screen which lights up when I get nofications. I have a plastic coating and have buttons which you can click or typw. You can use me to access email, play games or simply search the web. I can also by used to store infromation/files. What I’m I?

Project 3 Follow the Rhythm- updated

For this project I was required to choose a song I liked and present lyrics in manner which was appropritate to the music or artist in question. There is so many songs I liked which had meaningful lyrics. I orginally went for the song “See You Again” by charlie puth and Wiz Khalfia cause I really liked it and was written for Paul Walker and had good lyrics. But then I changed my mind and decided to go with the song “Wake me Up!” which is one of my favourite songs from one of favourite music artist’s Avicii who sadly passed away a few years ago. It’s very popular and classic tune that everyone knows. His music legacy especially this song will live on in his memory. This is a dance/pop/country song which is lively and uplifing lyrics. It goes out good vibes and makes people dance and sing along everytime it’s played.

I researched both songs lyrics on google and pinterest. I created a pin board on piniterest called follow the rhythm and saved a couple of images I liked with the song lyrics to “see you again” and “wake me up” which helped to inspire me when creating my own indidvual designs. Above you can see some examples of these images I saved.

As you can see above an image from the official lyric video which give me inspritation to design something similar along those lines.

I created my designs using photoshop as I felt it was the most appropitate software to use. Fristly the song was called wake me up so I needed something to represent that. I wanted to make sure I didn’t over complicate the design as I wanted to make it simple but effective. I liked the idea of having an image of a lovely morning sky/sun in the background with the lyrics of the song in the sky above.

I started off googling the lyrics of the song to get some ideas and looked for images of a nice sky background.

For this design I choose this background of the sun rising over the hill with a tree then added the song name and a verse from the song with this typography. This is orginally my intital idea for the song. I felt it worked well.

For this design I liked the image of the red sky I found on google. I then added text where apporitate. The text “Wake Me up” I sourced from the official music video.  I selected and pasted the text into the document and deleted the orginal background with the magic wand tool. Then I used the recentangle to underline the text. For By Avicii and the lyrics I choose my own font. I made sure the aligning of text and design was apporitate.

Once I was pleased with how my final designs looked on photoshop I saved the file as a Jpeg Image as it is the best image format. The latter one will be very final digital verision which I will upload to blackboard as it is my favourite.

I felt this song and idea was better than my orrignal one and I am happy with the overall outcome.



100 Iteration’s- update

I was given feedback on my intial post by paul we told my to experiment with photoshop on each of the images. I added a cartoon effect to the images which I feel makes them unique and adds a different dimension to the orignal images and gives a lense of life.

As a group we gathered a 100 images collectively which we saved as project board on pininterest. We all came up with our own individual images. We discovered their was examples everywhere of lines. I mainly foucsed myself on finding example of lines in nature as I felt it was interesting. I though looking closely at trees and leafs was a nice concept with lots of different colours and patterns. I been to tollymore forrest park a few times and I liked being the nature so inspired me to use images from their for my project.

I found 9 images of tollymore forrest park through the various seasons on Google which I edited on photoshop. I will also post these images onto my interaction design instagram page.