Book Research- Change By Design (IXD303)

Change by Design: How design thinking transforms organizations and inspires Innovation

I was recommended to read this book written by Tim Brown which was published in 2009.  Tim Brown who works as CEO of IDEO, a leading design firm talks through different techniques and strategies of design that can be used at every level.

Change by Design explains the importance of design thinking and collaborating to produce ideas which meets the users needs. Design thinking is a great technique to help designers solve everyday problems and become more innovative and creatives. Tim gives a clear visual guide to explain his points which is very helpful to understand.

Although has been written in 2009, this book is still very useful today for new designers in college/ university. Not only designers but for creative leaders wanting to incorporate design thinking into a company, produce, or service to come up with alternatives for business and society.


I enjoyed reading this book and learned a lot of helpful tips which I can take away from this. I hope from the knowledge I gained, that I will be able to use this in my everyday University work. This book explains the use of design thinking and how it can be used in the real world. I like the informative approach Tim uses in this book and how he shows his wealth of experience throughout with examples.

Overall it’s a great book and hopefully find more ones out there.

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