Article Research- 7 Steps to Benchmark your product UX (IXD303)

7 Steps to Benchmark Your products UX

UX Benchmarking is a simple process of evaluating/ reviewing a product or services user experience by using metrics. These metrics are commonly collected using usability testing, surveys, or analytics.

You should consider the benchmark method if you want to:
• Track your product or Service.
• Review an earlier version of your design, Research Competitor analysis or other companies.
• Demonstrate the value of the UX efforts and your work

“Benchmarking is a method to evaluate the overall performance of a product” Therefore it happens at the end of one design cycle rather than before.

Benching is a very important part of many companies to collect data and enable them to compare their product with others out there.

The Process
Benchmarking can be broken down into a seven-step process. This can take a bit longer when you first start to figure out what measure and how. Once you get the hang out it, it can be straight forward process as it starts getting repetitive.

UX Benchmarking:
The process of evaluating a product or service’s user experience by using metrics to measure the relative performance against a meaningful standard.

This process is broken down into 7 steps. By following this process, you can’t go wrong.
Step 1: Choose What to Measure
Step 2: Choose how to measure
Step 3: Collect first Measurement
Step 4: Redesign the product
Step 5: Collect more measurements
Step 6: Interpret findings
Step 7: Calculate Roi (optional)

Before conducting this benchmarking study, decide what you’re going to measure and which research method you’ll use to collect those data. Next, collect your first measurements, redesign the product, and collect additional measurements. Then compare your findings and at the decide to calculate ROI. When you completed this process, you can go back to Step 4 and redesign the product to make further improvements in the future.


Benchmarking is great method for UX designers to use during their design process to determine the quality of your product/service. Remember to focus on important tasks and features when designing your product and determine how you can measure them. Select an appropriate research method and collect your first measurement. Then collect your first measurement, redesign your product, and repeat the process.

Once you get the hang of it you can easily repeat the whole process again and again.

I will do my best to use this process when benching products and services. This may also help me in my work.

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