Week 1- Designing User Experiences

Today was our first class break from the Christmas break. We were given a brief introduction into our next module called “Designing User Experiences. This module will be taken by Paul. Paul then explained the project which we be undertaking for module. The aim for this project is to “Design a digital product for the healthcare sector“.                                    Important things we should consider for this project are: 

  • The main Target Audience. For example patients, nurse/doctors, medical staff, carers, etc.
  • The Age of my chosen audience. For example young adults 18-26, Teens 13-17, Kids 5-10, etc.
  • Do they have access to digital devices? Can they access this offline or do they need the internet.
  • Can they use these services ?
  • Where they are located?
  • What does your product do?

As a class we brainstormed a few ideas for possible target audiences.

From looking at aim there are a lot of possible solutions.  In my approach to this project I will try come up with an unique and innovated product.


For the next couple weeks in our teams we have been asked to conduct some primary research on the healthcare sector and ux in healthcare. By working in groups will be able to come up with a lot of ideas collectively which in turn we help us with our own deliverable project. This will also good practice for our job placements as we will have to work within a team and collaborate our ideas. We will consider using miro when this task as we be able to bounce ideas off each other.

What is UX or user experience design?

Paul got us to write in our own word 1 or 2 sentence of what thought user experience design was? I wrote” UX design is a design that it is interactive and enhances the user experiences by finding a solution to their problem.”

When designing a product we must consider the end user which is the person who will be using this product. UX design is about getting things done efficiently, effectively and most importantly maker the user happy. UX is essentially about problem solving and being able to work together with a team.

Benefits of working within a team:

  • Coming up with multiple solutions
  • More idea
  • Better quality of thinking
  • speed
  • shared/collective experiences.


  • Apollo 12 vs UX Design- Similarities between Apollo 13 and UX Design are by working as together as group you can get more ideas and come up with more solutions to the problem.
  • Ulster Bank vs Monzo

In your own group you will each find specific skills which you excel in.

Laws of UX

For this module Paul says the Laws of UX is a great book to read. He briefly explained to us Jakob’s Law and Jakob Nielsen who is part of NNGroup.com.

Design Models

  • The Double Diamond-IDEO
  • Human- Centered Design Approach

Resources to look at:

  • IDEO
  • Laws of UX
  • Change by design
  • The design of everyday things
  • 100 things
  • designkit.org
  • Nngroup.com

For the next few weeks in my group I should research tole following: healthcare centre, design council (double diamond), Stanford d.school, and IDEO’S Design kit, etc. As part of the research task I will look at the target audience, competitor analysis, user personas and brainstorming.


I felt today’s class was interesting and give we an indication of what is expected of me in module. We covered a good bit of information which I thought was all valid and we be important in the next couple of weeks. It was a great start of term I hope the following classes to come our just as insightful.


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