IXD302 Research- What is Human Centered Design?

Human Centered Design

Human Centered Design is a creative approach to Problem Solving which is commonly used in UX design. Human Centered Design is a process which is based around people you’re designing for and eventually coming up with a valid solution which meets the needs of users.  It’s important the design you create is catered to the specific needs to meet their requirements. It’s important to come up with ideas which they will embrace. Human-centered is about basically building a repour with your audience and importantly sharing what you’ve created, then getting your ideas out in the world with them.

Its also important to consider:

  • How you think?
  • What you do with it?

Human Centered Design is broken down into 3 main phases:

  1. Inspiration- This is where you be bold and creative as possible trusting the process and listen to your target audience and become invested in their lives and therefore start to evolve your design once you fully understand their needs.
  2. Ideation- In this phase you its important to come up with a lot of different ideas no matter how crazy or innovated. Then refine your ideas by getting rid of bad and making improvements to the good. During this phase you will learn, grow, and test your ideas. Building a simple prototype and allowing yourself to receive feedback and advice with your target audience so you know how you can improve. Keeping testing your protype you’re your happy.
  3. Implementation- During the implementation phase you will start to bring your idea to life by working with others to help improve your idea until you are happy. The eventually to share your idea with others in the community which is the main goal from the start. You know it’s a successful from your target audience.

By following these steps you’re on to a winner.

Just remember with a human centered design, everyone will benefit from it.


I felt this was an interesting article to read and it give me a better understanding to human centered designs. I thought it was very insightful and the video was on the webpage was very engaging and eye catching. It’s important with anything I design now and within in the future, that I do my best to base it around the needs of my users as they will be main audience. I would recommend UX designers and student look at this site in order to help them learn about what human centered design and how they could use it to better their design process.




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