Hill Street Belfast Proposal Research

Hill Street is a street full of rich and interesting history. Yet there is no site for it. Before I started creating my proposal, I wanted to find out about the history of this famous street and it’s building. It was important I had some knowledge before starting off.


The Street

From the blackboxbelfast.com “Hill Street, a narrow-cobbled street running from Waring Street to Talbot Street, was first depicted on the 1757 map of Belfast as an entry running off Waring Street, the entry was originally known as Pott-House Lane due to the presence of a pottery shop along the street.”


The warehouse which is now home to the art and entertainment venue the Black Box was originally owned by Bass, who were an English Brewers. They occupied the site up to mid-20th century. During that time the warehouse had survived heavy bombardment of the Belfast Docklands during the 1941 Blitz.

One of Belfast oldest buildings in Hill Street is now home to the Dirty Onion and Yardbird has vast 300 year old history. It was originally a warehouse which traded things from fish and tea to tinned shop and whisky, etc.

Other places of mention include:

  • The Thirsty Goat
  • 44 Hill Street

This street is also well known for its icon murals. This mural is named “The Duel of Belfast, Dance by Candlelight” by Conor Harrington. It offers some stark perspective on the Troubles and political turmoil the world over.

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