Web Portfolio Reflection

Web portfolio Reflection

I thought this was a very successful project. The aim was to make it professional which would hopefully attract potential employers and follow UX designers to my site. Following the feedback from the class I made the necessary changes. After making my improvements I got further feedback from my class. The home screen I used a plain black background to make my text stand out and visually appealing to the user. I made sure the typeface, colour scheme and structure of content were all kept consistent throughout the website following advice received from my lecturer. I agree it enhanced my portfolio site. During the first week our lecturer gave a quick recap of using HTML and CSS which we had learnt in first year and using our knowledge taught us how to use web flow which I thought was extremely useful for this project.

I gathered inspiration and learnt a lot from looking at past student’s portfolios, especially Calum Dixon portfolio as I particularly liked his simplistic layout which I thought was effective. This helped me to create my own site and I certainly took inspiration from his portfolio.

How I could improve my site?

In the future I would like to learn how to add accessibility features and images to my portfolio site, so it is all inclusive for people with various disabilities. For example, people who are visually impaired, I would like to have option to make my text and images larger, clearer, and brighter so they too can access my portfolio site. I would also like to improve the look and feel of my overall site as well as making it responsive with mobile and other devices. This is an area that I would definitely need to work on the adaptability of my site as I worked on the website but need to make sure it is accessible and works on mobile, tablets and other hand held devices.



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