Elements Project Reflection

Elements Reflection

I was pleased with my outcome of the elements project. I felt each page was simplicist and colorful, which would appeal to primary school pupils. The information is displayed in a visual and interesting way. I used clear images to represent each element and cut out the background to make the images stand out on screen as I feel they will appeal to the curiosity of primary school pupils. I used language which I felt primary school pupils would understand. The Icons and facts represented at bottom of each page is clear and very eye catching which appealed to primary school pupils.

The research I gathered from my survey of primary school pupils really helped me to see what their understanding was of the elements in the periodic table. It gave me a great basis to start this project and allowed me to cater to their needs. I choose to design it for an IPad as from research I realized most pupils use them in primary school.

How I could improve?

Possibly I would like to draw out my own images of the elements and to create my own Icon set instead of getting images from the internet.

I would like to have shared the elements project with the same primary pupils I done the questionnaire with and receive some feedback on:

  • What have they learned?
  • Did they find it easy to use?
  • Did they find it interesting?
  • Was it engaging?

Using the feedback from the pupils I would make further improvements to elements project taking on board their thoughts and opinions.


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