IXD301-Elements Project Sketches

Original Sketches

For my elements project I wanted to create a game that would appeal to young children to help them learn about different elements from the periodic table. I started off coming up with a number of sketches as part of the intital development phase.

This first sketch is my original idea. I was initially thinking of creating a connect 4 game but for the elements of the periodic table. So basically you had to match 4 elements from the same group in order to win. You could play against friends or against the computer. That was one of my ideas but I felt it may be complicated if you didn’t know the elements and plus it may look quite squashed. I also wasn’t sure how I could develop this into a prototype.

The second sketches I produced was a further development of the original one. I thought it will be simpler and would make more sense. So basically the user had to click any 2 elements from the grid to see what compound they could create. The next screen on this page showed what the user could expect to see once they click on the 2 elements. Basically it would say You have just made carbon Dioxide. Then it would have a small description about this element as well as a back button take them back to the first screen. I was also thinking of adding a test table as a visual effect.

Final Sketches

After receiving feedback from Kyle on my original sketches I changed my design. We agreed that it will best to focus on the structure and choosing an appropriate typeface along with colour. For example the home page would the title, followed by a sentence and then 6 elements all neatly laid out. Once the user clicked on a particular element they will be taken to a particular page which will show the element name, image, as well as 3 facts and tell them what the element is used in or for. I felt this was more clearer approach and allowed for better understanding to help the children learn about 6 different elements. I thought to myself some of the best designs are simple but effective. When I design this prototype I will make sure it is interesting and eye catching. This will not be complicated but quite fun and useful for children.

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