Week 10- Placement Talk

Today we were given a break from being in the studio and instead we had class online. We started today with a Placement  Catalyst Talk from Siofra Forsr. She spoke about Co-founders program which is a unique entrepreneurship program for students that helps you form a team. It will take place evenings during the week.

The deadline to apply is the 30th of November. So I have I don’t have much time to apply.

People who can apply for this entrepreneurship is someone with:

  • an idea for a product/service and want to add to my team
  • individual skills and experience to a startup company
  • a pre-formed team

Interviews will take place next month

There’s a Hot house weekend at 28-29 where you pitch your idea.

Why Apply for Co-founders?

  • Networking Opportunities
  • Training
  • Develop a start-up
  • Win one of the ten ¬£10k grants
  • Skills

There will be mentor there to guide you through things when you sign up.

To apply for co-founders Go onto Www.co-founders.com and fill in the Application.

Daniel said he’ll hold tutorials on Monday if we want to talk through our Applications.

I definitely think it will be a good opportunity to apply for the Co-founders program as it will give a lot of options and help me build my skills and confidence.

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