CV Crit

This week Daniel give everyone 1 to 1 feedback on our CV/Cover letters. Before he started the sessions he give us some general advice and opinions on what is expected in our CV and Cover letters. Firstly it’s important we keep our CV’s straight forward and simple. Make sure that relevant info and sections are included such as experience, education and references etc. As we our young designers he advised us to not do it on word but rather try a design profile. Its important the CV’s look presentable but don’t try and overdesign it as it can look messy. He stated the importance of using appropriate typeface and size. In the work experience section include what we learned from the Job Role. Also although a CV is good it’s important to include a Cover letter with it. Daniel also said about using an good layout and structure such as using one column for your headings and have your content to the right. We should include links to Blogs, Linkedin and Porfolio site.

Below is how my original CV was laid out and structured using word.

Personally I feel like I have a good few changes to make to my portfolio. Also I might consider using my Brand/logo at the top of the document but might keep my name. I’m going to try to redesign my whole Cv using Adobe indesign A4 Layout as it is a more appropriate software to use as a designer. I need to consider what content I keep, remove or add.

I am going include both a printed and digital version of my CV as it create an impact on employers. I felt today’s session very helpful as I know what improvements I need to make. I’m happy with the honest feedback I received. I will take on board and make the necessary changes.

This week I will continue working on my CV and Cover letters as well conducting research on writing a purpose by reading chapter 3 on A project guide to UX design.


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