Week 3- Portfolio Reviews

This week instead of having an lecture we had a group critique for our class. This give us an opportunity for Kyle and Paul to review our portfolio website mockups and receive honest feedback from them as well as the rest of my class. This critique session was done using Miro which allowed us to look at each others work as well as given opportunity writing our thoughts beside their work using sticky notes.¬† I felt today’s session very useful. It also showed the excellence standard of work from my class members and give me a clear indication what I need to do to improve my work. When it came to my portfolio site Kyle give his honest thoughts and opinions and mentioned a few resources I could use to improve my design which was very helpful. I also appreciated the class leaving comments below which was also great.

Mockup Screens

I created these 3 high resolution mockups below using Figma.

Home Page

Portfolio Page

About Me Page


It was good listening to what people had to say about my work and having the opportunity to look at other work. From the feedback I received from Kyle, that he was happy with my work so far but wants me to make the amendments to my site.¬† I will take this all on board. Personally I feel like I still have a bit of work to do, but it’s coming starting to come to together well. This week I will work on making changes to my portfolio site for next week so I’m in a good position to finally starting building my portfolio site. I think I will consider using web flow to code my website as it will help make it handier in the long run.

I will ensure my research blogs and visual designs are up to scratch as well.









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