Week 1- Portfolio Inspiration

This week I looked at different website Portfolios of designers which will help inspire ideas for my own website.

Dawson Andrews

I liked Dawson Andrews website is clear and easy to navigate your way around. They keep their website design very simple and minimalist with a lot of white space. I like the grid layout and once you hover over the squares images appear. The text they use is pain but professional looking. The navigation is easy to locate and takes the pages. The images and information is very well laid out through out.

Calum Dixon

This website is my favourite as its very subtle. I feel like I might design something similar to this site.

Studio Lovelock

This website is very eye catching I like the colour of the background. Their is a button in the middle once you click it you will be shown a video of their designs in a fun and interesting way.

Craig Walker

This is website is really appealing. I like the animated gif on the home screen it drags the user in. The use of bold text makes it clear to use.


Hopefully from looking at these portfolios I will take inspiration from these.


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