IXD103- Chirstian Leborg Visual Grammar book review

Another book I decided to read was “Christian Leborg Visual Grammar” as felt this was a good book as I wanted to look into further detail about visual images. This book was a good way of gaining more infromation not only for this unit but I can use this knowledge as well in the near future and further assignments. In IXD103 I looked at creating visual marques which is made of shapes. This book give me a better understanding on visual grammar and how to create images and icons using abstract objects such as point, line, surface and volume which helps make a shape. We briefly touched on this in semester 1 with Paul.

This book is made up of Abstact, Concrete, Activites and Realtions. I focused on looking at the Abstact section in this book as it was the most relevant area for me. In this section I explored the use of Abstract objects such as line, point, surface, volume, dimensions and format etc. I was given a defintion of these and shown a range of examples to help me grasp a better understanding of each of these elements.

I felt this book was interesting and give me relevant infomation. I liked the way it give examples to help back up it’s point to help me to further understand and to process information quickier. It was short and sweet.

Overall when researching this book I learned about the use of different  abstract elements which will help me in my coursework and espeically in this unit for development of my monogram and visual marque. It taught me that the basics of any design is made up of these elements.


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