IXD104- Week 12 Group Ciritque

Friday was our final class of the year for our course. During class we had a group critique on our Infographics. This was a good oppournity for me to recieve some feedback from Paul and the rest of the class on our Infographic designs to date. The feedback I got was very postive. As well as getting feedback I also had the chance to look at our people’s work and make some comments under their posts.

By having this session today I was able to see where I am compared to the other members of the class. This week I will continue to work on my infographics and make the changes as well as adding in more content and visual graphics to make it appealing to the user.

Below is the Image of my Infographic


I felt today’s this class was very useful and helpful in order to improve my infographic design.  I will use the feedback to this week make changes to my design. I also need to add in more data and visual graphics. Overall I enjoyed learning about Imaging and visual data over the 12 weeks. It’s hard to believe my first year of the course is over. This next week I will work hard to get my coursework complete for the deadline.

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