Week 10- The Art of Information Notes IXD104

Today’s lecture was on the art of infromation. We also covered big data and small talks. We looked at content needed for the 2nd project different. A quote from Kenneth Cukier who is a data editor says “We are at the onset of a new movement in Art that is built around data.” Paul showed us a number of books which relate to data that may help us with further research.

Big Data refers to data that is so large or fast it’s difficult to process using traditional methods. Big Data has gained more momentum during the early 2000’s. Data is used everywhere we go. We need data for everthing we do. Their is alot of data content out there. We need to resolve the amount of data we have and decide what we do with it by through analysing and storing data. It’s important data is managed apporitately. Netflix is an example of big data. 80% of what we watch on Netflix is influenced by Big Data . The recommedations we recieve are based on data they collect on shows we may like based on what we researched or watched. Uber is another site which manages data. They have open source which allows us to look into different data.

We were also shown different infographic designers and illustrators along with some examples of their work which will help give us inspritation.

Couple of artists and designers we looked at were:

  • Brendan Dawes
  • Jer Thorp- one of his projects being the Herald/Habinger
  • Aaron Koblin
  • Janet Echelman
  • Chris Jordan

At the end of class Paul went over the hand in date and the deliverables we need to cover for then which include the illustrative, the diagrammatic He ephasised the importance of adding content to our Blogs.

Next week we will have one-to-ones sessions with Paul so we can catch up with him and ask questions or concerns we may have. Then following week we will have a group critque session.

The content we covered today and further list of resources will be on Blackboard for us to look at. I will have look at these for more info.


I feel today’s class will help me further with my infographic designs. I enjoyed looking at each designers work. We looked at their artwork and few short videos which I found very interesting. This may possibly help with my own project and how I can lay it out apporitately. This week I’m going to try to research and work on the infographics


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