IXD101- 100 Iterations

As a group together, we collectively choose 100 images relating to nature and building’s which feature lines from the internet and our own camera then saved them Pinterest. I posted this images onto my Instagram.

There is so much inspiration around us we need to learn to appreciate the wonders of nature.

Here I’ve selected my favourite 9 images relating to this project.

This image was taken at Killeavy Castle County Armagh as I really liked the stone work.

This is an image of a corn field in Ireland which I found on Pinterest . I quite liked the lines in the grass.

This is an image of a group of Pine Trees in Tollymore Forrest park. I liked the veritcal presentation of the trees.

This is an image of the stepping stones across the Simian River in Tollymore Forrest park.

This is an image of a Spiders web which showed lines. I imagine this was photographed on a frosty morning when you can se the wonder in nature and the unique lines of the web.

This is an image of Liverpool Fc which was designed during the first lockdown to play tribute the NHS workers.

Lines are found everywhere even as patterns on animals. This is an image of Zebras coat.

This image of a leaf which has nice line patterns

This is an image of the stone wall at Hare’s gap  in the Mourne Mountains Co Down






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