Week 4- practising drawing techniques

In today’s task were given a list of objects which we were asked sketch out in our sketchbooks using the various drawing techniques as this would be good pratice for our coursework.

I drew the following images:

  • An ipad
  • Laptop
  • Camera
  • Sketchbook
  • Pencil
  • Browser
  • USB Stick
  • Paper
  • TV
  • Radio

Below you can see examples of these:

Next I drew a pengiun following the “How to draw penguin” guide by Oliver Jeffers.

Here is my attempt:

Week 5- Digitalising Monogram and Wordmarks

This week during class were given the task to begun digitlising our monograms and wordmarks which we posted up to padlet board to get feedback. It is my inital monogram I created using illustrator. This was achieved using the shape and path finder tools then filled it in black. I will revise these designs from the feedback I was given by make tweaks and changes were nessccary as well as working on my wordmark.


Week 3- The Anatomy of Typography

During this week we looked into Typography and wordmarking. When designing my design, it essential to find the correct typography. In monday’s class we were tasked on the Anatomy of Typography. We had write our name using an approtiate typeface and identify the different elements of type and label them. The typeface I choose was Times New Roamn. I found this typeface easy to spot the differnet element. I used figma software to design this. Below is an image of my name with the elements labeled. 


Week 1- Content Audit

For this task we have been asked to create a word bank and brand dictonary on a specific retailer, business or brand of our choice. This will help improve our copywriting skills.

I choose this brand as I like this brand of sports wear and I own a few clothing.

Excercise 1- Create a word brank

Languge for our internal messages

  • Sportswear
  • Uk
  • International
  • encourging
  • inspritational
  • BLM
  • Gender equality
  • famous
  • celebrities
  • excecise
  • fitness
  • comfort
  • logo
  • slogans
  • style

how we speak to our customers

  • Friendly
  • Helpful
  • patient
  • casual
  • formal
  • interested
  • nice

writing for our website:

  • Creative
  • enaging
  • eye catching/colourful
  • user friendly
  • celebrity endorsement
  • collaboration with well known designers
  • markerting slogans
  • sponsorship
  • interesting
  • inspirational
  • responsive
  • easy to navigate
  • effective
  • informative
  • clear Images
  • videos
  • retailers
  • fun
  • desireable

creating content for brochures and catalogues.

  • colourful
  • apporitate text and size
  • logo
  • latest slogan for markerting
  • brands on sale
  • list of popular items
  • markerting
  • sportwear
  • fashion
  • style
  • trends
  • games
  • designs
  • images
  • shoes
  • simple
  • celebrity advertising product

Excercise 2- Create a brand dictonary

What are they key call to action in the markerting and advertising?

Explore more- An option on the website where customers can click to expand their search of products.

Exclusively more- An option on website where customers can click to see the latest and exclusive trends in a limited range, e.g football boots.

Who are you shopping for?– This option on their website allows you narrow your search to particular gender or age groups footwear and clothing.

Popular right now- This option on their website allows customers to check out the latest and most popular products from Adidas.

Best of Adidas – This option on their website allows customers to check out Adidas best sellers which can be orginals, classics and newest products.

Stay in the know with Adidas- customers can sign up to their newsletter for the latest updates and sale items.

You can also give feedback or live chat with one of the adidas staff members.

How to do they describe themselves to their customers?

Adidas mission statement is: “The Adidas Group strives to be the global leader in the sporting goods industry with brands built on a passion for sports and a sporting lifestyle. We are committed to continuously strengthening our brands and products to improve our competitive position.”

Slogans- Adidas latest slogans are “Impossible is nothing” and “All in”

What terminology does the brand use?

  • Sports brand/sports wear
  • Fashion
  • style
  • infleunce
  • impact
  • Uk

Create a tone of voice guide

Three words which describe its essence

  • Style, performance, comfort

A short strapline summarzing its raison d’etere

  • Adidas aims to create sportswear and footwear which are comfortable and stylish so all customers can achieve at their best.






Travel App recreation

During Friday’s Class Paul asked us to recreate some well known Icon’s assiocated with travel. Here is my first attempt at creating some these using figma. I choose these I thought they were the easiest to recreate and I liked the look of them. This is good pratice for basic me when it come’s around to creating my own Icon’s.

Below is the orignal

Here is my initital attempt of recreating these icons.