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January 5, 2021 - Blogs


What I have changed

After receiving feedback on my web essay, the one major thing I had to change on my website was my navbar. Originally when creating my website I had to add a navbar. However, the navbar was transparent/behind the content of the website. This made the navbar and text hard to read and I wanted to keep the sticky feature of it, so I thought that if I duplicated the same navbar for each section it would solve the problem. Although, after critique, I was told that it was not a good idea to add multiple navbars to the same page as it could become confusing for the person navigating through the page.

To start, I removed the other navbars and kept the first one shown. I was also told to put the navbar at the very top of the page, above the top banner. After spending a significant amount of time (days) researching ways on how to fix my navbar, I finally came across a solution. The solution was to add in ‘z-index: 9;’ to the navabr section in the css file. This then made the navbar solid white and was no longer hidden behind the content. The screenshots show the navbar working.

The second feature I had to change on my web essay was the top banner. I was told that it should be shorter, as I had originally had it full width and height to take up the entire screen. This was to show some text below it so that the user knew where to go (down). This is shown in the first screenshot.

I had also changed the font size of the headings larger so that they stand out more and are more legible. I also had some small alignment issues where some parts of the text were a few pixels out of line with the next or previous part of content. The problem was the padding on the bottom borders that I used. I changed the padding to ‘padding-bottom’ which fixed the alignment of the text.

I chose to have bold, solid colours in my web essay website because Bass used a lot of bold colours and images in his movie posters and even his logos. I kept the large sized images in the website to give the user visual breaks from text-based content.  I looked at his work and took inspiration from and tired to represent a similar style on my web essay.


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