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November 27, 2020 - Blogs


Before I started creating my wire frames for my website, I decided to do some research on some other single-paged websites. I chose three websites to review.

The first website was called Kocha Studio ( At first glance, I was automatically drawn to the bold header which took up around 50% of the screen including the navbar other links. Scrolling further down, their website is mainly in a grid format. I think this type of format is good for a website which displays different types of work or services such as a portfolio website. The rest of the website is broken down into different sections through the use of black and white backgrounds. The sections include a more information/contact part, a footer and comments left by their team.

The second website I looked at was a website called For The Record ( The pros about this website is that it is very simplistic which means that it is legible and easy to navigate through. It shows their title at the top in bold text along with their logo to the left of the screen. Next is the introduction followed by the rest of the content. Each section is numbered separated by lines. There is no navbar for the different sections on the page. This website also uses the same background throughout which could make it boring, however, there are different colours used in the images which makes them stand out against the background.

The third website is called Formation ( This website is broken up into sections. Each section takes up the full screen. They are differentiated by the background colour or background images. The website also includes a navbar. It also includes a range of different features such as information/images/links are formatted into a grid layout and a carousel. At the bottom of the page there is a contact form for inquiries and the footer contains location information.

Wire Frames

The images below are my wire frames which were drawn for the design history essay website. The first image is the start of the website and the second image is the end of the website.


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